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SharePoint 2010 doesn't allow you to use fully anonymous survey by default. Selecting Show User Names in results to NO is really hides it from users only while it keeps that way. But once you change it to YES - all user names are visible again. (personally I wouldn't say anything "bad" in such a kind of survey...)

This simple solution provides one event receiver class (with 3 event overrides: adding, added, updated) to remove user names from any survey, where Show User Names in results is set to NO. It also creates a list called SurveyHistory to store info about surveys users have participated already, so they wouldn't be able to do it more than once.

This is only a first version which is actually was developed and tested only by me, so I am open for any improvement suggestions. Also would really appreciate if you notified me in case you find any bugs.

Feel free to ask any question:
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Detailed instruction with images will be added later, I hope developers will easily figure out what to do with it :)

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